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Welcome  from Awards Board

The British Driving Society (BDS) was established in 1957, and is the national organisation responsible for harness horse driving in the UK, with a remit to ‘promote interest in harness horse driving and the welfare of harness horses’.

The National Education Regulators, Ofqual, who are directly responsible to Parliament for the quality and integrity of qualifications, both recognises and regulates the BDS Awards Board.

Our BDS Education Programme proudly offers a wide range of high-quality, nationally-recognised and accredited qualifications which are achievable and, above all, accessible to anyone no matter what type of horse, pony, donkey or mule you own.

The BDS offers training opportunities through Approved Training Providers for beginners or those wishing to enhance their skills. This training could be carried out either at your home with your own turnout or at one of our BDS Approved Training and Assessment Establishments. The training is designed to be appropriate, well delivered and would be personalised for your needs.

Currently qualifications are offered in various sections of the equine industry covering the light harness horse, the heavy horse, agricultural land-based operations, commercial drivers and transport, to name just a few.

This BDS Education Programme is recognised also by a range of professional and well-respected bodies including, the Department of Transport, DEFRA, Health and Safety Executive, Lantra Sector Skills

and several insurance companies.

Choose the BDS Programme because: